Preventative Botox: What You Need To Know

Preventative Botox can help before or when initial fine lines or wrinkles begin to appear.  Wrinkles, which are an inevitable sign of aging usually begin to appear in the forehead in our 20’s. Many variables factor in to how we age like ethnicity, heredity, diet, substance use, pollution and sun exposure.  Generally we do not become aware of the damage from the cumulative effects of these factors and how they affect our skin until it’s too late.


Many patients that are in their 20’s and 30’s that step foot in our office are initially looking for filler, primarily in their lips. This is very fashionable right now, the perfect pout, the influence of celebrities, etc. What many don’t realize is they should also be investing in preventative Botox.


A dynamic wrinkle is when our face creates natural creases and folds while expressing emotions like surprise, concern, happiness or anger.

A static wrinkle is when our face is in rest mode but lines from emotion still appear. This muscle action will act as on iron on our skin over time and make these lines more permanent as we age.


Botox stops the muscles from creating or deepening the creases in our skin. Over time, with a regular routine of Botox and skin care, you can smooth these lines- even erasing them completely.


The first areas that become noticeable is often the forehead and secondarily, between the eyebrows. Both are high traffic areas for showing off our emotions- for women AND men.

When you appear surprised, horizontal forehead lines are activated. It’s not unusual to see horizontal lines across the forehead in rest mode- especially in Arizona because of sun intensity and UVA ray damage.

The more you look angry or concerned, the more you are activating the muscles between your eyebrows. Over time, a crease can appear as the number eleven, or the number one.


Starting preventative Botox early is an investment in your skin. The longer you let fine lines set in, the longer it can take to get rid of them down the road. Failure to treat these lines as they begin to appear early can result in these lines being “ironed in place”. Botox is very affordable these days. A common misconception is that it’s pricey or a luxury treatment that only celebrities can afford. You won’t know the cost of achieving the results you desire until you get evaluated by one of our experts, MK Maloney RN CANS or Meagan Reguera BSN, RN CANS. We develop a customized and affordable plan for each patient.


In 2002, Botox Cosmetics was FDA approved and although I had been using prior to that, it was a great decision as many patients say to me, “How do you keep your skin looking so beautiful?”

When my daughter, and now co-worker was 24-years-old she began displaying the early signs of sun damage on her forehead. I asked her if she was interested in beginning some minimal drops of Botox for prevention and of course, she was!  Today, Meg not only works with me but is also a board certified aesthetic nurse specialist and administers Botox everyday!

I still remember a time when my son was just 11-years-old and came home from his first day of school. I asked him, “How was your teacher?” He said she was “really nice but could use a little bit of Botox.” If children can notice signs of aging, then so should you!

I tell all my patients new to Botox: we can begin with a little and then progress from there!   Remember an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!

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  1. Therese M Smith says:

    I am interested in making an appt. My problem is as an RN I work a crazy shift but am off on Wed. Is there anyway you can take advantage of this special a day earlier?

  2. Tiana Chavez says:

    Hi Therese, thank you for reaching out! The botox happy hour price is set for only those who attend. However, we would love to accommodate you by giving you $50 towards a botox treatment. Please call (480) 423-1973 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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