Thank You CardThank You CardDear Dr. Cohen,
Initially, I associated aesthetic surgery with models, celebrities, and wealth. However, I realize now that the impact of such significantly affects the humble of us all. What once threatened the confidence I have strived to maintain, is now strengthened...

The reassurance you have given in pursuing a cosmetic procedure, was without prejudice, enabling the whole process to transpire comfortably.

I feel that the human body is a work of art - mind - body - and soul. When collevtively positive, an incredible beauty unfolds...

The effects of pregnancy, breast-feeding, "fibrocystic breast disease", weight gain, and weight loss, left not only my body struggling, but my persona as well. To have that weight released with the art of the work you do everyday, now brings me closer to feeling free; free to resume the solidity that I desire; free to feel like a work of art. I know I will never be flawless, but illiminating the negativity allows so much more to be exposed.

My overall experience, and the outcome of this surgery is evidence of your expertise and compassion for utmost patient care. Although I am only one of many patients, I hope that when you remember me, that you remember a patient who will be forever changed and grateful. I understand that I will be subjected to change as the years go by, and nature takes its course. However, I am confident that I will be as satisfied then, as I am now, with you as my surgeon.

Thank you for dedicating your time, wisdom, and passion, your personalized care is priceless...

I look forward to future visits!

Your lifetime patient,



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