Phoenix Plastic Surgeon Comments on Popularity of Mommy Makeovers

Board-certified plastic surgeon and breast augmentation specialist in Phoenix area says Mommy Makeovers are becoming more popular as women learn how plastic surgeons can personalize procedures to meet their exact needs.

Paradise Valley, Arizona (October 2012) – According to Dr. Robert Cohen, plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, Arizona, more and more women are seeking out the assistance of plastic surgeons to help correct problems they are unable to fix on their own with diet and exercise.

As demonstrated by a recent article in Life and Style Magazine featuring Trista Sutter (the original contestant on The Bachelorette), Mommy Makeovers have become mainstream and are now simply another tool mothers can use to get themselves back into the best possible shape after having children. Trista stated during her interview, "I realized that the surgery was something I had to do for myself, just for my own self-confidence and to feel good again about being in bathing suits and being intimate with my husband."

Dr. Cohen, who specializes in breast augmentation near Phoenix, says "The fact that Trista appears in a national magazine to candidly discuss her Mommy Makeover surgery shows how far things have come regarding the acceptance of plastic surgery as a normal thing for moms to do. I think women understand that there are certain physical problems that cannot be corrected with a healthy lifestyle alone, and rather than being self-conscious and living with the problems, they are actively seeking to improve their self-esteem with the help of surgery."

Dr. Cohen performs numerous combinations of surgery that fit in the category of Mommy Makeovers. Per Dr. Cohen, "The most common type of Mommy Makeover procedure at my Phoenix plastic surgery practice is a combination of customized breast surgery and tummy tuck surgery, which is often combined with liposuction as well. However, in the case of Trista Sutter, her surgery involved a breast augmentation and lift, combined with eyelid surgery. This is a great example of how each woman's aesthetic needs vary, and shows why I have a detailed discussion with every patient in order to create the most effective surgical plan."

Mommy Makeovers are not just for celebrities, says Dr. Cohen. Most patients seeking Mommy Makeover surgery are regular moms trying to look and feel their best. With the array of techniques available to him, as well as his exclusive use of board-certified MD anesthesiologists for his surgeries, Dr. Cohen provides his patients with beautiful, customized results without compromising on safety. With this in mind, mothers considering this surgery should not feel guilty or selfish. "Being a mom is the hardest job out there," says Dr. Cohen, "and sometimes moms need to take a break from helping everyone else and spend a little time doing something important for themselves."

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