Dr. Cohen Discusses Steve Nash's Nasal Injury on KTAR

News 92.3 KTAR - After Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash's nose got injured during the Sunday, May 6 playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs, Scottsdale's local radio station KTAR invited Dr. Robert Cohen to speak on their radio show about the injury and how it might affect Nash's game.

While Dr. Cohen, a respected plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, is not treating Nash, he shared his knowledge of reconstructive surgery and nasal injuries with KTAR's listeners. "The nose has a very good blood supply so although that helps it heal faster it also causes a lot of bleeding when it does get cut. Obviously if he gets hits again in the nose it could stir up more bleeding and he could still have some swelling but knowing Nash I have a feeling it shouldn't effect his game at all. He's a very focused player."

When asked about the direction of the gash, reportedly up and down instead of side to side, and whether that will be a factor in his treatment, Dr. Cohen said, "That's not such a big issue. Obviously, when you don't have the facilities to treat somebody with stitches immediately, which was the case during the game, it makes it difficult to treat."

He continued, "I think there would be definitely a way to do the stitching so he would have minimal impact on his vision or minimal likelihood of his seeing stitches in his field of vision as he's playing basketball."

Dr. Cohen performs corrective plastic surgery, rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures at his practice, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

Listen to Dr. Cohen's Radio Interviews

Click below to hear two mp3 broadcasts of Dr. Robert Cohen giving his opinion on treatment and the severity of point guard Steve Nash's nasal injury.

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