Breast Augmentation Specialist Sees More Phoenix Women "Trading Up" to Silicone Implants

Dr. Robert Cohen, a plastic surgeon performing both primary breast augmentation as well as secondary and corrective procedures, has seen a growing number of Phoenix breast augmentation patients who want to replace saline with silicone gel implants.

Paradise Valley, Arizona (January 2010) - Silicone-gel implants are already popular for their soft, natural feel, but now many Phoenix women are deciding that these advantages are enough to merit an "upgrade" from their older saline implants. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Cohen says that in recent months he has been seeing more patients electing to replace saline implants with silicone, either as part of a corrective breast augmentation in Phoenix or simply for the benefits of the newer silicone-gel implants.

"Some of my corrective surgery patients choose silicone partly because they weren't happy with their experience with saline, but what's interesting is that we're starting to see many more patients wanting to 'trade up' to silicone for its own sake, without necessarily requiring significant correction at the same time," he explains.

Dr. Cohen is in high demand for his skill in revision breast surgery and says that silicone tends to facilitate revision plastic surgery procedures in Phoenix. Specifically, because silicone implants have a softer, more natural texture, he says they can often help compensate for aesthetic challenges of revision breast surgery because they allow for a soft-feeling result even when the correction surgery requires a larger implant.

"Silicone generally approximates the feel of real breast tissue much better than saline, so if the patient is going up a size, and especially if she didn't have much breast tissue before her primary procedure, I find that silicone generally is the better choice," says Dr. Cohen. However, for many of his new patients, preference – rather than necessity – is the deciding factor in the silicone vs. saline decision.

"Every patient I see essentially wants one thing from her primary or revision breast augmentation in Phoenix, Arizona: a result that flatters her body," he says. "For a natural and flattering look, I often perform additional procedures such as internal pocket tightening or breast lift surgery for women who have experienced significant shifting of the implant or breast drooping since their original surgery."

While Dr. Cohen is sensitive to the desires of patients looking for an implant "upgrade," he says that he evaluates patients' candidacy for these procedures just as carefully as for primary revision, if not more so. A patient's weight, diet, exercise habits, and even age may all factor into his surgical recommendation.

"Revision surgery has to be approached uniquely for each patient, and an experienced surgeon will be able to help you identify the right implant type for your short and long-term goals," he adds. "The exciting news is that women today have more options than ever before to create their desired look."

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