Plastic Surgery: Truth Is in Style

Dr. Robert Cohen appears on Modern Beauty on the Style NetworkDr. Cohen one of featured surgeons on Modern Beauty television show on Style Network.

Dallas, TX, January 3, 2008 —According to a recent Yale University study published on an MSNBC website, "79 percent of patients who underwent plastic surgery were influenced by television and media."

That means roughly 4 out of 5 patients are relying on TV and other media for education.

With so much controversy and misunderstanding surrounding plastic surgery and other elective procedures, the launch of new television show Modern Beauty couldn't have better timing.

With a mission to "empower those seeking cosmetic procedures," Modern Beauty goes against the grain of plastic surgery reality shows to inform and educate its audience.

What does board certification really mean? What is the Gummy Bear? What is the reality of tummy tuck recovery? These, and other, questions are answered by several of the nation's best doctors, and through the real experiences of their patients.

"Television audiences are sophisticated. We know they want high-quality HD video, great sound, and entertaining storylines. Modern Beauty accomplishes this while communicating an accurate portrayal of elective surgical procedures," said the show's executive producer.

Featured physicians include Dr. Grant Stevens, Dr. David Stoker and Dr. Carson Liu of Los Angeles, Dr. Jay Burns of Dallas, Dr. Lior Heller and Dr. Thomas P. McHugh of Houston, and Dr. Robert Cohen of Scottsdale.

After fourteen years of education and advanced training in some of the nation's most prestigious institutions, Dr. Robert Cohen returned to his native Scottsdale, Arizona, to establish his permanent practice. Dr. Cohen is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has published multiple research papers and a textbook chapter on technology and robotics in plastic surgery.

Dr. Cohen welcomes patients from Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix and the rest of Arizona to his plastic surgery office and the new Paradise Valley Outpatient Surgery Center. For more information, call (602) 702-5380 or visit

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