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Wellness Hour VideoMeet Dr. Cohen

Watch as Dr. Cohen, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, tells why he knew from an early age that he wanted to become a plastic surgeon. Dr. Cohen describes the hands-on approach of his undergraduate and medical schools and his extensive training with leading plastic surgeons, and he explains how he continually works to develop and refine his skills.
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Wellness Hour VideoYour Most Common Breast Lift Questions Answered by Dr. Cohen

In this video, Dr. Cohen answers common questions about breast lift in Scottsdale, from incision type to expected recovery time. Dr. Cohen assists women in personalizing breast lift surgery to match their lifestyles and cosmetic needs.
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Wellness Hour VideoSolutions for Facial Rejuvenation

No two people age exactly the same way, so Dr. Cohen offers a variety of procedures for facial rejuvenation in Scottsdale. Watch as Dr. Cohen describes how procedures such as facelifts, eyelid surgery and brow lifts can help achieve a more youthful looking face. People with multiple concerns often combine procedures for a more unified result.
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Wellness Hour VideoCommon Goals for Breast Reduction

In this video, Dr. Cohen describes common goals for breast reduction in Scottsdale and how patients experience numerous physical benefits following their procedures. Comparing it to "taking off a backpack," Dr. Cohen describes how women are able to complete daily tasks more comfortably.
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Wellness Hour VideoYour Most Common Breast Augmentation Questions Answered by Dr. Cohen

Watch as Dr. Cohen answers common questions women have regarding breast augmentation near Phoenix. From a comparison of saline and silicone implants to possible incision locations, Dr. Cohen covers the need-to-know topics of this popular procedure.
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Wellness Hour VideoRhinoplasty With Dr. Cohen

Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale is a great way for women and men to enhance their existing facial features. Watch as Dr. Cohen explains how he performs the procedure and how he achieves natural looking results.
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Wellness Hour VideoYour Most Common Tummy Tuck Questions Answered by Dr. Cohen

In this video, Dr. Cohen explains how a tummy tuck in Scottsdale can help a man or woman with healthy eating and exercise habits achieve a more contoured abdomen. This procedure is more intensive than most, and therefore requires a longer recovery time.
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Wellness Hour VideoLiposuction With Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen performs liposuction in Scottsdale for women and men with a variety of body types, but he explains that the ideal candidates are those with good skin elasticity. Watch as he tells how this procedure can remove small pockets of fat from around the body and how he often performs this procedure in conjunction with other treatments.
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Wellness Hour VideoMale Breast Reduction With Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen explains how male breast reduction in Scottsdale can help men feel more comfortable with their bodies. In this video, he explains how he removes excess glandular tissue and fat to achieve a flatter, more toned chest appearance.
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Wellness Hour VideoBreast Procedures With Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen performs breast enhancement procedures for patients with a variety of cosmetic needs. In this video, he explains the basic surgical techniques for procedures such as breast augmentation in Scottsdale and how looking at before-and-after photos can help patients choose a qualified surgeon.
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Wellness Hour VideoMommy Makeover 101 With Dr. Cohen

Mommy Makeovers combine Scottsdale-area plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tuck, breast enhancement and liposuction to restore a woman's body after pregnancy. In this video, Dr. Cohen discusses his extensive experience and explains what women who are considering a Mommy Makeover should know.
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KPHO VideoBounce Back After Baby with Mommy Makeover

Sometimes, diet and exercise aren't enough to help women bounce back after pregnancy, so more mothers are discovering the Mommy Makeover in Arizona. In this video clip from CBS 5, Dr. Cohen offers his views on this popular procedure, which usually includes body contouring and breast enhancement.
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Modern Beauty VideoMommy Makeover Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not just about outward appearances – it's also about expressing your inner beauty and vitality. This video features Allison, a 55 year old Arizona mom who turned to Dr. Cohen's cosmetic surgery practice near Phoenix to help her regain her pre-pregnancy look through a "mommy makeover." These makeovers are carefully tailored to each woman's needs, combining such procedures as body contouring and breast enhancement.
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Modern Beauty VideoReal Life: Breast Lift After Weightloss

Though just a teenager, Samantha struggled with excess weight for much of her life before deciding to improve her health and her looks. After losing over 50 pounds, she was left with drooping, sagging breasts as an unwelcome reminder of her former self. In this clip, Dr. Cohen discusses her options for breast enhancement cosmetic surgery. Phoenix-area women who have lost weight often need a breast lift to restore a more youthful breast position.
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Modern Beauty VideoBreast Augmentation Options With Dr. Cohen

Practically everyone has heard the term "boob job" to describe a very large and obviously fake breast enlargement. In this video, Dr. Cohen describes how he uses his training and experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon to skillfully sculpt and contour his patients' breasts, creating a naturally round and full appearance that better compliments a woman's figure. Dr. Cohen offers the latest implant options, including silicone gel and saline.
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Modern Beauty VideoReal Life: Breast Augmentation Follow Up

A nurse at a hospital and plastic surgery center, Sarah got to know Dr. Cohen and trusted him to perform her breast augmentation in Phoenix. In this video, you can get a glimpse into Sarah's post-surgical consultation with Dr. Cohen just 2 days after surgery and learn more about why she chose him for her procedure. "I never expected that I would bounce back like this," says Sarah, who is extremely pleased with her results.
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dr cohen about video1 for 1 Doctors: Dr. Cohen Gives Back

As a founding member of the organization 1for1 Medical, Dr. Cohen gives back to those in need of surgical services in underdeveloped countries.

CBS 5 News VideoGummy Bear Implants With Dr. Cohen

CBS 5 News interviews Dr. Cohen about the latest trend in breast augmentation, the "Gummy Bear" implants. Dr. Cohen, one of the first plastic surgeons to use the Gummy Bear implant, discusses the long term benefits of using this recently FDA approved implant.
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dr cohen about videoMommy Makeover Can Restore That Pre-Baby Body

In this video clip from ABC 15, Dr. Cohen discusses the increasingly popular Mommy Makeover. Typically combining two procedures such as tummy tuck and breast augmentation for Phoenix and Scottsdale area women, Dr. Cohen achieves these moms' goals in a single surgery.

dr cohen working in his officeTrends in Plastic Surgery: More Men, Less Stigma

Dr. Cohen explains that with each passing year, more and more of society has accepted plastic surgery as the norm. Accompanying this trend, men are now much more comfortable going under the knife, with rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and male breast reduction topping the list of most common male procedures.

Live Surgery Course in St. Petersburg, RussiaRecapping the Advanced Aesthetic Live Surgery Course in St. Petersburg, Russia

Dr. Cohen was asked to speak at the fourth annual meeting of the Advanced Aesthetic Live Surgery & Injections Course in St. Petersburg in October 2016. The 3-day event brought more than 500 plastic surgeons together to discuss the latest techniques, research, and insights. This video offers a quick overview of the venue and speakers.


Dr. Cohen Discusses Steve Nash's Nasal Injury on KTAR

Faithful Phoenix Suns fans were shocked during a recent game to see point guard Steve Nash receive a cut to his nose so nasty he couldn't finish the game. Local radio station KTAR asked Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Cohen to weigh in on how this injury will effect Nash's game and how his doctors should treat the wound...
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Valley Moms Get Back to Their Pre-Baby Shape With Help From Dr. Cohen

In this television interview with Scottsdales's Channel 12 News, Dr. Cohen discusses a combination of body tune-up procedures known as a "mommy makeover"...
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Dr. Robert Cohen was a featured speaker at the ASAPS Experienced Insights in Breast and Body Contouring 2017 conference in San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Cohen shared about the cutting edge techniques for breast and body contouring he uses at his practice. It was an honor for Dr. Cohen to be selected to share his expert insights on this specialty with an audience of his peers.
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