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This patient is a 38 year old female who flew in from Juneau, Alaska to my Scottsdale, Arizona area medical practice with interest in otoplasty (ear reshaping).  This patient was very self-conscious about the prominence of her ears and wanted them to "stick out less".

This patient had two seperate issues with the cartilage of her ears.  First of all, she had excess cartilage of the concha, which is the "bowl" part of the ear.  Secondly, she had a congenital underfolding of the upper rim (antihelix) of the ear.  This combination of problems caused an excess prominence and abnormal underdeveloped fold of the ear.

To correct her ear shapes, I used internal stitching to create a fold in the upper portion of the ear.  I also resected excess cartilage of the concha in order to shift the ears closer to her head.  All of this work was performed through a well-hidden incision on the back of the ear.

The patient did very well after surgery and is seen in her photos approximately 1 week postoperatively prior to flying home.  She was very happy and confident with her new appearance.


Surgeon: Dr. Cohen
Age: 38
Gender: Female

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