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This is a male in his 30's from the Phoenix, Arizona area who came to my Scottsdale, Arizona area medical practice regarding otoplasty (ear reshaping) surgery.  This patient was unhappy with the degree to which his left ear "stuck out" and also felt that the upper ear skin was "thick" in appearance.

After seeing this patient, I felt that the upper ear fold (the antihelix) was underdeveloped, causing the upper ear to protrude.  This is one of the most common causes for prominent ears.  Also, this patient had a less common natural variation of the upper ear called a "Darwin's Tubercle", which is extra cartilage of the upper ear that can cause the skin to appear thicker.

I performed an otoplasty surgery using internal stitches to bend and reform the ear into a more pleasing shape.  I also removed the excess upper ear cartilage through a hidden incision in order to reshape the rim of the ear.

This patient healed well and was very happy with the improvement in his ear appearance.

Surgeon: Dr. Cohen
Age: 34
Gender: Male

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