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This is a patient from the Mesa, Arizona area who came to my Scottsdale, Arizona area medical practice with interest in rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) surgery.  Specifically, this patient wanted to refine the tip of her nose and reduce the hump of her nose.  She did not want to "look like someone else", and she wanted to maintain a very natural appearing nose.

I felt that this patient would benefit from a rhinoplasty surgery.  My goals, based on the patient's wishes, were to reduce the dorsal hump (seen on profile view) and define and narrow the tip, while maintaining a very natural appearance.

I performed an open rhinoplasty (where the structures of the nose are visualized for maximum accuracy).  I filed down the bony hump and shaved off some of the dorsal cartilage.  I also trimmed some of the tip cartilage to refine the tip and used fine sutures internally to narrow the tip as well.  Much of the cartilage that I removed was replaced as internal grafts to stabilize and improve the shape of the nose and the nasal tip, and to improve the patient's breathing.

The patient did very well after surgery and could not have been happier with the natural, refined appearance of her nose.  She is pictured only a few months after surgery, and should expect continued improvement and refinement over the next year (rhinoplasties usually take a year or more for the final results due to small amounts of swelling).

Provider: Dr. Cohen
Age: 43
Gender: Female

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