As a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing plastic surgery in the Phoenix area, I have had the opportunity to learn intensely detailed human anatomy, and have been able to put this knowledge into practice during thousands of cosmetic procedures of both the face and body. Through working with some of the best plastic surgeons in the country, I have become adept at judging proportion, symmetry and aesthetic beauty.

However, technical skills and an artistic eye are not all that is necessary to achieve success when it comes to reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery in Phoenix. The relationship of trust that develops between surgeon and patient is ultimately what contributes to surgical success. Every plastic surgeon and each prospective patient has a unique personality and sense of beauty. There must be a common understanding and connection between these two individuals in order to optimize the success of surgery.

doctor consulting patientdoctor consulting patientMy personal philosophy in plastic surgery is to achieve the most natural result possible, and I do this by evaluating every patient individually, tailoring the techniques I use based on their unique anatomy. I also maximize my results by carefully communicating with my patients. I listen to every patient's expression of what they would like to achieve, and I use my experience as one of the board-certified plastic surgeons in the Phoenix area to help guide them to the surgery that best suits their needs.

At my Phoenix cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery practice, I always place safety first, and if I do not feel that a patient is a good candidate for surgery, I will be upfront about this. I also ensure safety by spending ample time with each patient to understand any preexisting medical issues they may have, which occasionally need to be addressed by other specialists prior to surgery. Finally, I only use board certified MD anesthesiologists to promote the utmost safety during surgery.

I may be reached in my Scottsdale office at (480) 423-1973 to answer your questions about any plastic surgery procedure. I welcome patients from all over Arizona to receive a cosmetic consultation when you request your visit online.

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