Corrective Breast Surgery

Corrective breast surgery refers to a wide range of procedures, such as revision breast augmentation, I perform for Scottsdale and Phoenix women whose breasts have been distorted by previous surgery. I frequently have patients referred to me with questions and concerns about breast repair, including:

  • How soon can I have breast augmentation revision?
  • Can I have a breast implant revision to change to silicone implants?
  • Can you perform a breast implant scar revision?

Unfortunately, some patients come to me after undergoing breast augmentation from another surgeon and wish to have the appearance of their breasts improved. Sometimes, the problem with the breast appearance is due to an implant that has stretched out the skin causing wrinkling and rippling, while other times the problem may be due to an implant that has shifted into an unsightly position. Excess scarring, drooping of the breast, asymmetry or any combination of these problems can also contribute to a suboptimal breast appearance.

Request a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Cohen or Dr. Sigalove to learn more about breast augmentation revision. Our facility is conveniently located for women and men living in Tempe, Paradise Valley and other areas of Greater Phoenix.

Our Surgeons

Medical director Dr. Robert Cohen and his associates, Dr. Steven Sigalove and Dr. Josh Olson, are certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. These talented surgeons are leaders in the field of plastic surgery and the proof is in their results.

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The Challenges of Revision Surgery

The first thing I always discuss with patients seeking breast augmentation revision is that corrective breast surgery is much more technically challenging and time consuming than the original surgery for a number of reasons. First of all, there are usually issues with stretched and thinned out skin that developed since the original surgery. Secondly, there is often internal and external scar tissue that can make breast implant revision more complicated. Many of my patients present with a history of multiple previous breast surgeries. Finally, the anatomy of the breasts and chest wall are changed from prior surgery, distorting landmarks and creating obstacles I must correct in order to restore a natural and aesthetic appearance.

This being said, I particularly enjoy the challenge of corrective breast surgery because the improvements are usually very dramatic and life-changing for my patients. Additionally, these surgeries fully utilize the array of skills I have developed training with the premier breast surgeons in the country, because each patient requires a unique combination of techniques in order to maximize their aesthetic outcome. These techniques include:

  • Switching the implants from over the chest muscle to under the chest muscle
  • Tailoring and reconfiguring the breast pocket to better fit and support the implant
  • Changing the implant size and composition (e.g., exchanging saline implants for cohesive silicone gel implants)
  • Adjusting areolar size and/or position
  • Revising scars

In many of these cases, an additional soft tissue like Strattice™ is recommended for the best possible result. Often, each breast will require a different set of maneuvers to achieve final symmetry.

Corrective Breast Augmentation

Corrective breast surgery is a challenging endeavor, and I always spend a significant amount of time with my Arizona patients analyzing their problems, learning about their concerns, and explaining their surgical options and likely outcomes. With this level of communication, I am able to maximize the chance of success and patient satisfaction.

If you have questions about breast augmentation in Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ; changing breast implants; scar revision; or other aspects of breast repair, schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Cohen or Dr. Sigalove. Our plastic surgeons look forward to working with you to improve the look of your breasts and help you feel better about your appearance.

Request a cosmetic consultation or call (480) 423-1973 to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Cohen or Dr. Steven Sigalove. Your surgeon will be happy to answer any questions you may have about breast implant revision. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Sigalove welcome patients from all over Arizona, as well as other states and countries. Their facility serves Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley. Learn more about corrective breast augmentation by visiting our breast surgery specialty site.

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