Facial Sculpting

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Sigalove perform facial sculpting plastic surgery to help Phoenix and Scottsdale residents improve the appearance of various facial structures such as the eyes, nose, ears and chin. In contrast with facial rejuvenation, facial sculpting often addresses problems that are unrelated to the aging process, such as prominent ears or an excessively small chin. These procedures can be performed individually or in combination.

Our Surgeons

Medical director Dr. Robert Cohen and his associates, Dr. Steven Sigalove and Dr. Josh Olson, are certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. These talented surgeons are leaders in the field of plastic surgery and the proof is in their results.

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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), is often associated with aging. However, in some younger people with excessive fat of the lids, or frequent swelling from allergies, the eyes can take on a tired or puffy appearance. Removal of excess skin and fat through cosmetic surgery near Phoenix can dramatically improve one's appearance.


The advanced EmbraceRF system gives us the power to perform the FaceTite, AccuTite, and Morpheus8 procedures. When combined, these procedures rejuvenate and tighten the skin and other soft tissues of the neck, face, eyelids, and brows without surgery.


Rhinoplasty (nose surgery), is an extremely popular surgery which improves the shape of the nose. Frequently, patients request this surgery when their nose has a large hump or is excessively wide. In other cases the size and width is fine but the nose is crooked or has a bulbous tip that needs to be refined. All of these problems are very specific, and I correct these problems with techniques specifically planned for each individual.

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery (otoplasty), is used to correct ears that are excessively large, prominent, or improperly shaped. I often perform this Phoenix cosmetic surgery procedure in younger patients when they are teased at school. I use internal sutures to correct improper projection and folding of the ear cartilage, providing the ear with a more natural shape and profile.

Earlobe Surgery

Earlobe surgery addresses lobes that are stretched from heavy earrings, or are torn by trauma. These problems will not correct themselves without surgery. Even though these are relatively minor procedures, I still pay considerable attention to the repair in order to create earlobes that are natural and pleasing in both size and shape.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a procedure in which a contoured implant is added to increase projection of a small chin, giving it a more aesthetic appearance. This surgery dramatically improves patients' profiles and corrects the problem of a "weak chin".

There are many other facial sculpting procedures such as the treatment of facial asymmetry, repair of acne scars, and correction of excessive frown lines which do not fit in any general categories. During your consultation at my Phoenix area medical offices, I will be happy to address any of these issues with you.

To learn more about facial plastic surgery, request a cosmetic consultation using our online form or call (480) 423-1973 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Robert Cohen and Dr. Steven Sigalove welcome patients from all over Arizona, as well as other states and countries. Their facility is conveniently located in the region of Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley.

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