Vaginal Rejuvenation

BTL Ultra Femme 360™

BTL Ultra Femme 360, a feminine intimacy restoration, is a quick and non-surgical procedure used to comfortably treat both internal and external “lady bits” with no downtime or recovery. Ultra femme 360 is ideal for many patients, whether post pregnancy or menopause. Many post-menopausal patients will have reduced blood flow to this area, reduced vaginal lubrication and/or involuntary urine leakage such as when sneezing. Many post-menopausal patients will also experience some tissue atrophy (shrinkage) or laxity as a result of this reduced blood flow to this area.

How does Ultra Femme 360 work?

The Ultra Femme 360 is a radio frequency treatment that delivers gentle heat to the tissues to promote increased blood flow, tissue tightening and collagen remodeling to both the external labia and vaginal canal. The focused thermal energy disrupts the existing collagen fibers, which in return produces new collagen fibers and stimulates blood flow. This restores the vagina and vulva to create a more youthful state. Ultra Femme 360 uses two different hand pieces; one that treats the external genitalia (the entire vulva and perineum) while the other treats the internal tissues of the female genitalia.

Benefits of Ultra Femme 360 include:

  • Tighten/raise the labia
  • Decrease the diameter of the vaginal opening
  • Improve natural sensation & lubrication
  • Improve stress urinary incontinence

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How long is the treatment? How many do I need?

Intravaginal treatment takes 8 minutes while extravaginal treatment takes about 12 minutes varying on your specific needs. This treatment is super quick and you will leave your appointment with no downtime! We recommend 3 treatment sessions, scheduled once a week.

What does Ultra Femme 360 feel like? Is it painful?

Treatment does not hurt- instead patients report a comfortable, pleasant heat sensation. The procedure is quick and pain-free, allowing you to resume normal sexual activity immediately after the treatment.

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Who is a poor candidate for Ultra Femme 360?

Women should not undergo Ultra Femme 360 treatment if one of the following applies:

  • Pregnant
  • Nursing
  • Actively menstruating
  • Use a cardiac pacemaker

*Women who are interested in BTL Ultra Femme 360 treatment must have an up to date pap smear.

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